For Suppliers

If You wish to participate in procurements as a Customer, we suggest You to start

working on e-marketplace with Tutorial section.

Advantages, given by the e-marketplace to Suppliers:


Training mode

This option allows user to perform all actions with procurements in safe “tutorial” mode which helps master the marketplace`s services.


Comfortable billing

The billing system we realized helps User to keep an eye on funds transfers, placed on analytical accounts in system. Suppliers manage their funds themselves, control its status and make decisions about participating in tenders.
System allows to participate in tender once on credit, that can be disbursed later. Since the procurements can be cancelled at the various stages, funds are payed back for all Suppliers, that had submitted bids on tender. Supplier has the ability to transfer funds at any moment, using the function of automatical invoice submitting by the system and indicating preferable sum.


Extensive messaging

Maximal informing the Suppliers about changes in procurements status, activities on the marketplace and important terms. User doesn`t need to be online all the time waiting for the auction start – system will inform You about auction date and time once they are set.


"Authorized person"

This service gives an ability for multiple users to work on behalf of one organization. Thus Main and Authorized persons.
Authorized person has its own account to enter Personal Cabinet.
Main person controls Authorized person`s regostration, can block their access, continue tenders of blocked Authorized persons.


Complete technical and consulting support

We find individual approach to every single Client, organize detailed educational seminars. Our qualified team will do its best to build up a cooperation.