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What is the difference between work and current repairs of beautification objects?

Різниця між роботами і поточним ремонтом

The Order of the State Committee for Housing and Communal Services No. 154 of September 23, 2003 " On Approval of the procedures for carrying out repairs and maintenance work on local amenities" sets the rules for conducting and volume of works on repairing and maintaining objects of beautification of local amenities of Ukraine.

According to Paragraph 1.4 of this Order for major repairs of the objects of beautification of local amenities, there are works aimed at restoring their operational characteristics, increasing the strength and carrying capacity of structural elements, as well as increasing the dimensions of objects and their individual parts within the standards.

Nomenclature of works on overhaul of beautification objects of local amenities is given in Annex 1 to this order.

Paragraph 1.5 of the Order stipulates that the work aimed at preventing minor deformations and damage to the objects of beautification of local amenities and for the immediate elimination of them, shall be included in the current repair of the beautification objects of  local amenities (except for street and road networks and artificial structures).

 Nomenclature of works on the current repair of beautification objects of amenities and artificial structures is given in Annex 3.

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