E-CONSULT is a legal support of tenders

E-consult is a joint project of the e-platform of the E-tender.UA and a leading consulting agency in the field of public procurement - "Consult". The purpose of this project is to provide information and consulting assistance related to the organization and direct participation in ProZorro Tenders. 

E-consult - your personal consultant and assistant for successful participation in ProZorro Tenders.

e-consult for Supplier
E-consult - all for the successful participation in ProZorro Tenders.
Assistance supplier
e-consult. for procurer
E-consult - effective purchases.
Assistance to the procurer
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  • Мосієнко Ірина Федорівна
    Mosienko Irina Feodorovna
    Secretary of the Tender Committee

    With the E-Tender platform, the Mirnopol geriatric boarding house of the Artsis district of the Odessa region has been operating since 2016.

    In the course of the work, we receive timely consultations on the publication of the negotiation procedure, as well as on the publication of the contract in open tenders and pre-threshold procurement. We were convinced of the high level of professionalism and competence of the employees of E-Tender, their ability to work with a large amount of information, and also, that is not unimportant, to give competent consultations at any time of the day.

    Thank you for your business support and look forward to further cooperation.

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E -consult is:

  • analysis and justification of the participation prospect and winning in the tender taking into account the subject area of bidding and the status of the participant;
  • an analysis of the possibility of challenging the discriminatory terms of tender documentation or the rejection of a tender proposal to the authorized body and legal support of the relevant actions;
  • assistance in solving tasks related to client participation in the public procurement procedure;
  • the state of genuine professionals who have experience in the participation and preparation of documents in the field of public procurement for more than 10 years;
  • ability to work with large volumes of information, with several tasks simultaneously.

 E-consult offers both integrated solutions and individual products for each client. The choice depends on the needs and capabilities of the client.