E-Tender corporate procurement automation platform

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Procurement for business is an electronic system for organizing commercial procurement, which is based on Rialto and ProZorro systems.

The organizers of commercial tenders are any commercial companies. Mostly, commercial tenders are carried out according to the same principles as public procurements. The main difference lies in the fact that the latter is clearly regulated by law, and commercial, the organizer conducts its own rules. That is, it mainly focuses on its internal documents. The main thing is to ensure that they do not violate civil, commercial and competition law.

Commercial bids are equally beneficial to both parties: both the customer and the executor. The customer can find the one who will execute the project or supply at the most favorable terms. We offer our users a broad supplier base of more than 4,000.

Similarly, the performer has the opportunity to offer his services or goods to a large customer what will strengthen his position in the market. In order to win in any tender, you need to be sure that your service or products are the best, and the offer is the most interesting. Everything else - leave the electronic platform.

In addition, tenders for commercial organizations are a great tool for finding new partners, performers and suppliers. Every day, the popularity of private tenders is increasing. One of the main reasons for this is the simplicity of the selection of performers, suppliers and fair competition between them. And also - ease and simplify the organization of such tenders through the site.

Thanks to the commercial tenders the organizer:

 - save on purchasing goods / services

 - forget about the difficulty in choosing suppliers

 - will receive the best offer and optimal solutions for business development

 - increase the efficiency of your purchase.

Participants of such tenders:

 - increase your portfolio of orders

 - will get a guaranteed sales market

 - expand the geography of their activities

 -save money on advertising.

A few other significant advantages of participating in commercial tenders are small competition, quick payment of the contract, in some cases, even prepayment and advances, as well as adequate terms and conditions for the execution of the contract.

In order to get started on the platform, you must register at the E-Tender site. After that you will be able to conduct purchases and participate in them.