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Земельні торги: крок за кроком - процедура проведення та участі.
Land Bidding: Step by Step - Procedure and Participation.
28 November 2018
Land auction: registration on the site, payment of fees, preparation of a package of documents, participation in the auction, electronic protocol, signing of the contract.
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Purchase of heat: what legislation regulates the purchase of heat, license for the supply of thermal energy: what to take into account, determining the expected value.
News Digest: announcement of tenders for electricity supply for 2019, updated InfoZone ProZorro, subsurface bunkers appeared in the ProZorro system. Sales
Purchase of electric power: the main explanation of NKREKP. Licenses issued by NKREKP. Contract model on the market. Choosing the most advantageous supplier offer
Participation in government signers for business: legislation, business benefits, who are Prozorro buyers, important tips for bidding ...
News Digest: From November 26 to December 2. Changes in the electricity market, a statement by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine on the introduction of a martial law, the introduction of daily balancing, etc.
Electronic auction: rental of cars in the railway, the market for the purchase of cars, the subject of bidding, the starting price of the auction.
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