Step-by-step instructions on how to work in ProZorro System, webinar videos, answers to actual questions and tips from government procurement experts, as well as many other useful materials needed for successful participation in ProZorro public and commercial tenders.

НАВЧАННЯ тендери
Вхід до особистого кабінету «Е-Тендер»
Detailed instruction of the process "SIGN IN TO A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF E-TENDER"
Реєстрація та авторизація Постачальника на «Е-Тender.UA»
Detailed instructions on the process of "Registration and Authorization of a Supplier on" E-Tender.UA "" In order to participate in the procurement, you need to register on E-Tender.Ua and pass three steps to create your own account
Оплата участі в закупівлях
Companies that have successfully passed authorization on the site and have sufficient funds on their balance to participate in the procurement can participate in public procurements (submit offers)
Налаштування підписки на тендери
You must set up a subscription to receive e-mails on new procurements for the parameters you specified and to track procurements of the Procurers you are interested in.
Пошук закупівель на майданчику
How to quickly search and find government procurements on electronic platform E-tender.UA
Перегляд закупівлі
Description of the process "Procurement View"
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Complaint to the AMCU
In what cases is the complaint filed in the AMC remains unheeded?
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