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Submission of a proposal to participate in the procurement

Description of the process "Submission of a proposal to participate in the procurement"

Інструкція. Подання пропозиції на участь у закупівлі

If you find the right procurement, click on its name to expand it and review its terms. To quickly find this procurement next time, add it to "Selected Procurement" by clicking on the asterisk.

The Procurement page contains all the necessary information on the procurement subject, its identification number, the Customer's name, procurement budget, the type of procedure and its active status. Also, dates and clarification periods, submission of an offer, an auction date and the filing of claims / complaints on the terms of procurement are displayed.

Below is a block "Procurement Description", which shows the procurement budget, the minimum auction step down and the date of the auction. Here you will see the "Submit proposal" button.

In the "Documents" section, the tender documentation of the Procurer is displayed as well as the date and time when it was uploaded or changed in the system.

If the information is not enough to form the price offer, you can ask the Procurer. Questions are asked at the clarification stage before the date and time indicated on the question page.

To do this, click on the section "Question", click "Ask a question", specify the subject and content of your question and click "Submit a question".

Submission  of a proposal to participate in a over-threshold procurement:

After reviewing the information, we will proceed to submitting the proposal by clicking on the "Submit Proposal" button.


In order to take part in the procurement, the Supplier must:

1. Register the offer

- specify the amount in the field "Your offer", at the same time the amount may be equal to the maximum price specified by the Costumer, or be less than any value. Amount cannot:

● be equal to zero;

● be negative;

● be above the maximum price;

- confirm with the marks the absence of the refusal grounds and compliance with the eligibility criteria (mandatory);

- enter the subcontractor information (optional) and click on "Submit an offer".

After successful submission, the message "Offer submitted!" will be displayed.

The form will be updated; the status of the proposal will change to "Successful offer", and below you will see the default form of uploading documents to the proposal.

If there is an error in the fields, the system will highlight the field with a red frame and will display a message indicating making the necessary changes.

2. Upload documents 

To upload documents, select "Document Type" from the drop-down list and click on the "Add File" button and select the documents to upload.

Wait for synchronization with the CDB. After the files are added, a synchronization message will be displayed.

Display of the  uploaded documents to the proposal during the publication period in Central Database

In the list of documents to the proposal, the status of the documents will be "Expecting a publication at the Central Database".

After exporting files to the CDB, the status of the documents will be changed to "Exported."

3.  Sign a proposal with EDS (Electronic Digital Signature)

If the tender documentation of the Procurer envisages signing a tender proposal with EDS then an Electronic digital signature must be imposed. The mechanism for signing proposals with EDS is described in the section “Signing the offer of the participant with EDS".

Pay attention!

  • Start of acceptance of offers is marked as "Expectation of offers" and starts at the day and time specified in the purchase.
  • If the purchase has been divided into lots, the Participant may submit one offer for one or more lots at a time.
  • A participant may submit no more than one offer for one procurement for no-lot procurement and no more than one offer for one lot for multi-lot procurement.
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