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The process of the pre-threshold procurement

Допорогові закупівлі.

Pre-threshold procurement are regulated by the "Procedure for the implementation of pre-threshold procurement, which was approved by the Order of the State Enterprise” Zovnishtorhvydav of Ukraine"  dated April 13, 2016.

During the procurement, customers must follow the principles defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement".

In addition, please note that the time limit for the pre-threshold procurement is different for the procurement with the expected value:

  • From UAH 3 thousand up to UAH 50 thousand;
  • From UAH 50 thousand up to UAH 200 thousand (UAH 1 million for Customers who carry out activities in certain areas of economic activity).

Passing  the pre-threshold procurement process:

The period of clarification is the period during which the participants may ask the customer about the procurement and receive responses. The course of the clarification period begins after the announcement of the procurement procedure.

The period of clarification is not less than 3 working days (not less than 1 working day at the expected cost of procurement from 3 thousand UAH to 50 thousand UAH).

Offer submission period is the time period when members can upload their offers to the system.

The deadline for submitting offers is not less than 2 working days (at least 1 working day at an expected cost of procurement up to 50 thousand UAH). At this stage, the participants who submitted their proposals can correct them, or cancel them.

f no offers from the participants were submitted at this stage, then the procurement, after the deadline for the submission of proposals, automatically receives the status "Failed".

 If the offer was submitted from one participant, after the expiration of this period, the procurement immediately goes to the status "Qualification".


After completing the offer submission period, the system plans the date and time of the auction. The purpose of the auction is to achieve the lowest price offer. The auction takes place in three rounds (stages). During the auction, the Participants may reduce the price of their bid in each round at least by the step specified in the announcement. After the auction ends, the information about the participants is opened and access to the documents submitted to them for the qualification is given.

Qualification - the term during which the customer checks the offers on the compliance with the tender documentation and determines the winner of the bidding. The system offers the customer the lowest bid for verification. If the offer meets the requirements of the procurement, then the customer accepts this offer and defines the participant as a winner. The customer disqualifies the participant and proceeds to consideration of the proposal of the next participant only if the following grounds are present:

  • the offer of the Participant, who offered the lowest price, does not meet the requirements of the Procurement;
  • The bidder, who offered the lowest price, refused to sign the procurement agreement. 

Conclusion of the agreement.

The procurer concludes the procurement agreement with the participant who won the procurement.

The Agreement on the results of the Procurement must be signed between the Procurer and the Winner outside the System in accordance with the current legislation no earlier than 2 working days after the announcement of the decision on the Procurement Winner.

An agreement between the Procurer and the Winner must be signed for an amount not exceeding the price of the last bid submitted by the Winner in the Auction.

The Agreement is placed in the System by the Procurer within 2 working days from the date of its conclusion and is freely available for the Users of the System.

The procedure for pre-threshold procurement is considered to be completed from the moment of uploading into the system of the signed procurement agreement. In this case, the system transfers the procurement to the status "Completed".

The procurer is obliged to complete the procurement by signing the agreement or canceling the procurement, within 30 days after the expiration period for submitting offers.

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