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Processing Procurement during the prequalification stage

Read: how to confirm / cancel a Participant’s qualifications and how to schedule a reduction.

Опрацювання Закупівлі на етапі прекваліфікації

Procurement status "Prequalification" is available only for the type of procedure Two-stage tender. All bidders who have submitted bids to participate in the Two-Stage Tender Procurement must be qualified by the Procurement Authority before participating in the Auction, otherwise they will not be eligible to bid.

The buyer at the stage of retraining can::

  • Confirm the participant's qualification;
  • Cancel participant qualification. All participants whose proposals were rejected will not be admitted to the reduction and will not be able to take part in it.

How to confirm the qualification of the Participant

All active proposals that are admitted to pre-qualification have the status of pending qualification (Pic.1).


In order to confirm the qualification, you need to press the button . The button  is always active at this stage and does not require additional justification of its decision from the customer (Pic.2).


After clicking on the button, the status of the offer is changed to Offer accepted (Pic.3).


How to cancel the Participant's qualification

In order to reject the Bidder's proposal, you must click the button . The button  is not active, because it requires mandatory justification of the Customer's decision, which will inform the Participant about the reason for rejection of his proposal:

  • Making a comment OR / YES
  • Adding a justification file (Pic.4).


After the buyer makes a comment, the button , becomes active (Pic.5).


After clicking the Cancel Qualification button, the status of the offer changed to Offer rejected. Display the entered comment and document on the form (Рис.6).


Important information: the decision on qualification of the participant or its cancellation is final and the customer cannot change it within the limits of the given purchase.

How to plan a reduction

After making a decision on the qualification of all participants in the lot, a check box is activated for the buyer Closed reduction (Pic.7).


By default, the reduction is performed in open mode. If it is necessary to carry out in the closed mode, the buyer should put a tick, having chosen the option Closed reduction and the mode of carrying out reduction will change to the closed.

WARNING! If you select the closed mode of the auction, the scheduled auction will take place in 1 round. The participant will see the initial bet submitted by him and can make the final bet. However, the initial bids or the presence of other bidders are not available.

After making a decision on all Bidders from all lots of the Procurement, the customer will have access to the form of reduction planning (Pic.8).


The buyer must choose the bidding algorithm if the Auction module management option in Settings is enabled, otherwise a simple reduction will be automatically scheduled (Pic.9).


The purchaser must indicate on the reduction planning form (Pic.10):

  •  Reduction start date;
  •   The reduction completion date is calculated automatically;
  •   Number of reduction rounds;
  •   Round duration in minutes;
  •   Reduction step in percent;
  •   Auto prolongation of reduction (check boxing);
  •   Duration of the additional round in minutes, if the Auto Prolongation option is checked;
  •   Indication of the obligation to attach documents;
  •   Deadline for specification refinement.

Additionally available options

  •  Bidding without the last round closed;
  •  Public results of the tender.


After filling in all the data, you must press the button

Upon successful reduction planning, the system reports that'

If the purchase was planned with position bidding, the form of planning will be different (Pic. 11).


The buyer must indicate on the position reduction planning form (Рис.12):

  •  Reduction start date and reduction start time;
  •   Round duration in minutes;
  •   Reduction step in percent;
  •   Indication of the obligation to attach documents;
  •   Deadline for specification clarification;
  •   Auto-prolongation of the reduction (check-box), if checked, the fields of auto-prolongation planning are opened:
  • Continuation time, min .;
  • Time to complete, min
  • Decrease from min. position prices.


After filling in all the data, you must press the button 

Upon successful planning of a positional reduction, the system reports that 

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