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Аналіз пропозицій – автоматичний звіт по пропозиціям

In the E-Tender commercial procurement system, the customer has the opportunity to use the automatic generation of a report on proposals. Automatic "Report on Proposals" is generated in an Excel spreadsheet and helps to quickly compare and analyze the proposals of bidders (Ріс.1).


Download the report on proposals is available to the customer in the status of Prequalification (only initial proposals) and starting from the status of Determining the winner and to the status of Procurement Completed (initial and final proposals).

While waiting for the trades and directly when the participants are trading, the customer cannot download the report.

The following information is displayed in the header of the report for each lot (Ріс. 2).


For each lot, the system generates a report on a separate tab, in which you can see a list of materials/services, units of measurement and their quantity, as well as detailed information on participants' offers (Ріс. 3).


The offer table contains the following information:

  • The name of the counterparty, the full name of the responsible person and their contact information.
  • Initial quoted and actual price
  • Delivery price per unit,
  • Final quoted and actual price
  • Incoterms delivery terms (if available) and delivery address.
  • Terms of payment
  • Guarantee
  • Delivery
  • Selected options with non-price criteria
  • Exchange rate on the trading date
  • I will name Analogue
  • A note from the supplier
  • Total and discounted value of the offer

Pay attention! The most profitable final offers in terms of each material are highlighted in the report by color (Ріс. 4) according to the following rules:

  • The most favorable offer is marked in green;
  • The second most profitable offer is highlighted in yellow;
  • The bid of the participant with the third highest price is highlighted in red.

All other offers in the system are not highlighted.


Savings indicators in the report on offers

In the summary table for procurement, the customer can familiarize himself with the calculation of the savings rate for each of the lots (Рис. 5).


The basic report is considered in the example. The shape and filling may vary.

The customer has the opportunity to order an individual report form.

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