Створення та опублікування річного плану закупівель.

In order to create a procurement plan, you need to select  "My plan" section in the personal account and click on the "Publish" button (Fig.1):


The web form appears (Fig. 2):

Fig. 2

Save the plan as a draft or post it to the CDB right away.

After publishing to the Central Database, the plan will be assigned a unique identifier number (for example, R-UA-P-2017-07-03-000001).

Sending to CDB.

To publish procurement plans, it is necessary to mark "those" plans that do not yet have a number and click “Publish" (Fig. 3). If the publishing process has been successful, the plan becomes "Published" (second column) and receives a unique number (for example, R-UA-P-2017-07-03-000001).

Fig. 3

Deleting a plan.

To remove the procurement plan, select the appropriate plan and click the "Delete Drafts" button (Fig.4):


Editing the procurement plan.

The procurer has the opportunity to make changes to previously created plans in any status (a draft, sent to CDB).

To do this, click on the plan you are planning to edit (Fig. 5) and make corrections on the appeared page (Fig. 6), then click "Publish":

Fig. 5

Fig. 6


  • Delete a plan that is not published.
  • If the Procurer has no need for a previously planned purchase, it is necessary to select the appropriate plan and to reset the amount in the field "Expected cost of purchase". On the page that opens, click Publish (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7

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