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Create a negotiation procedure.

Інструкція. Переговорна процедура

In order to create a negotiation announcement in the system, you must go to your personal account, in the section "My procurements" (Figure 1):

Fig. 1

Then you need to click "Create Procurement Announcements" field (Figure 2):

Fig. 2

Next, choose an announcement type "Negotiation procedure" and click "Continue" (Figure 3):

Fig. 3

Pay attention!

If you need to divide procurements into separate parts of an item (lots), first of all it is necessary to mark the "Multi-Lot Procurement"


Fig. 4


Fields marked with red color are mandatory (Fig. 5):

Fig. 5

After filling in all required fields, you need to click on "Create ad" or "Save as draft":  

Procedure for adding documents to the procurement.

In order to add documentation to the procurement, the Procurer must select the type for the uploading document and click on "Upload" (Fig. 6):


The obligatory condition for publishing an announcement  "Negotiation Procedure" is signing it with the Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) (Figure 7):

Fig. 7

After clicking the "Go to signature" button, the "Working with the signature" form (Figure 8) will open, which must be filled in:

  • to choose the Center of certification of keys, which provided an electronic-digital signature;
  • upload key and specify security password;
  • click "Read".

After successful reading the key and checking the entered data, you are able to sign the procurement.

Fig 8

Providing information about the supplier.

After signing the procurement, you must go to the "Proposals" section and fill in the fields, then click the "Publish" button (Figure 9):

Fig. 9

Filled out the vendor details will be formed in the corresponding block "Information about the participant", to continue the work, you need to click on the button "Assessment of candidate documents" (Figure 10):

Fig. 10

If you need to add documents (Figure 11), do the following:

  • select the type for the uploading document;
  • Click "Add File";
  •  click Upload Solution Documents


Fig. 11

After the documents are added and successfully exported, you need to click on the button "Assessment of candidate documents" ⇒ "Next step" ⇒ "Sign the decision" (Fig. 12):

Fig. 12

In order to sign the decision it is necessary to act in accordance with Fig. 8 of this Instruction.

After EDS imposition, you need to refresh the page and click on «Assessment of candidate documents» ⇒ «Next step» ⇒ «Confirm» (Figure 13)

Fig. 13

After confirmation of the winner, the system automatically sets the "Appeal Period" status.

In this case, the period for filing an appeal is 10 days. (Fig.14):

Fig. 14

Entering information about the agreement.

To enter information about the agreement, in the "Information about the winner" block, you need to click "Enter information about the agreement" (Fig.15):


Next, you need to fill in the fields and click "Publish documents and finish later" (Figure 16).


Fields marked with red color are mandatory.

Fig. 16

The next step is to click on the "Edit" button (Fig.17):

Fig. 17

In the block "Agreement" we upload the scanned agreement, click "Select document  type to upload" ⇒ "Add file" and select the file to upload (Fig.18):

Fig. 18

At the next stage, it is necessary to sign the block "Agreement". To do this, click  "Impose EDS on agreement" (Fig. 19):

Fig. 19

After the EDS imposition, you need to click on the "Finish Procurement" button (Fig. 20):

Fig. 20

The procurement will receive the "Completed Procurement" status.

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